New Homes

We offer a full line of services to help fulfill your dreams of a new home. Our expert architects will create the structural plan for the house while our designers will add whatever enhancements that you desire in an eye-catching and a functional fashion. Also, we will take care of obtaining all necessary building permits and local permissions whenever they are required. To keep up with current standards in home construction, All Trade Constructions uses the latest in techniques, equipment, materials and finishes. As a result of all of our services, you can rest easy that your new house will fit your specifications and preferences to perfection.


Whether you require a single-storey or multi-storey extension to add extra space to your house, we will design and construct the one that fits your needs the best. Just explain to us what this space will be used for, and we can provide you with all of the options that will help your extension come to fruition in a quality, highly functional fashion. In addition, this extension will match the overall style of the rest of your house for continuity purposes. We will assist you with your permits and permissions to ensure that you receive them in a timely manner.


After years of use, most houses require some type of renovation to keep serving their owners in an optimal way. Our highly skilled team will help you analyse your needs and formulate the right type of remodel to fulfill them. Even if you need walls and utilities relocated to refurbish your house in the ideal manner for it to keep serving you for years, our team can handle it and will deliver eye-catching, durable and functional results. Also, our company will ensure that all features and structural components meet or exceed local codes. All permits and permissions will be on our list of responsibilities as well.